Clients Say: Negotiation Services Deliver Results

For over 20 years, TableForce has provided clients professional negotiation training and business negotiation consulting services to some of the world’s largest and most prestigious companies and organizations. Our workshops and seminars can be customized for:

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Small and medium-sized businesses
  • Venture-funded start-ups
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government contracting
  • Professional organizations
  • Non-profits

Learn how businesses around the world work with TableForce to gain a competitive advantage in their industries. Please see below for a list of our clients and testimonials for our negotiation training and consulting services.

Thanks for reaching out to by TableForce. We’ll work hard to earn your business.


Clients like yourself have engaged repeatedly with TableForce since 1997, receiving high-impact B2B negotiation skills training globally, delivered by only experienced contract negotiators. Customized to your situation, the experiential training programs build confidence and courage impacting company culture (without using any PowerPoint).

References from customers just like you confirm you will improve shareholder value by increasing revenue (deal size and stickiness) & profit margins while reducing total costs – all while protecting valuable relationships. Many senior executives who have partnered with TableForce throughout their careers confirm a measurable and immediate ROI.

  1. Customized content and curriculum for your unique B2B situation that is practical and directly applicable to your team’s job, industry and situation
    1. Not “presenters” that have been trained in our materials
    2. Not “crisis” negotiators, who have highly specialized skillset which is distinctly different from B2B negotiations:
      1. with an irrational person (vs objective B2B criteria)
      2. who has limited, if any, negotiation experience (vs experienced B2B counterparts)
      3. and for a crisis negotiator relationships are transactional, 1-and-done (vs B2B relationships where long term value and reputation is a high priority)
  2. Interactive sessions (NO PowerPoint)
Additionally, you’ll work with B2B negotiators who have worked in 45+ countries on 6 continents and are extremely adept at cross-cultural communication.


  1. Face-to-face
  2. Online (Zoom or Teams)
  3. eLearning self-paced videos
  4. Keynotes

Face-to-face: 2-day NFSI (1-day: NFSII, Price Increase, etc.)
32,900 USD + materials + expenses (1-day workshops are 21,900 USD ++)
  • 24 people max, prorated above 24
  • 50 USD per person for materials (hard copy workbook, digital planning files, podcast style refresher audio files, professional certificate of completion)
  • Expenses (business class air on SkyTeam partners, hotel, meals, ground, parking and material shipping)
  • For workshops outside of North America, 5,000 USD travel supplement (for the extra transit days)
Online (Zoom or Teams): NFSI delivered in 3, 3-hour sessions (1-day NFSII, Price Increase, etc. are 1, 3-hour session each)
21,900 USD (NFSII and Price Increase workshops are 14,600 USD)
  • 16 people max, prorated above 16
  • Covers the full workshop content (including digital versions of all material)
  • Role-play activities replace full role-plays
  • Eliminates material, travel time and costs (yours and ours)
eLearning self-paced videos: NFSI delivered in 25 videos, each ~10 minutes in length
795 USD per person, no minimum
  • Covers the full two-day workshop content (including digital versions of all material)
  • Role-play activities replace full role-plays
  • No Q&A
  • Eliminates material, travel time and costs (yours and ours)
Keynotes and mini sessions (45 minutes – 4 hours)
6,000 – 15,000 USD + travel, depending on
  • In-person or virtual
  • Number of sessions and participants
  • Material
Additional terms and conditions
  • Net 30-day payment terms
  • 90 days cancelation clause, 7,500 USD penalty
  • No IP transfer (attendees issued license to use materials in their negotiations)
Available dates will become the first thing to look at, followed by detailed scoping calls to customize your workshop(s) approximately 30 days prior to delivery. We book dates months in advance, so we ask that everyone book as early as possible to avoid mutual disappointment.

Client Testimonials

TableForce is part of our current “Built to Last” initiative as both an expert and trusted advisor.

Leo Quinn, Chief Executive Officer, Balfour Beatty

Our associates embraced the no-nonsense, tactical and real-world approach of your training and were particularly impressed with the way you tailored the training to our industry.

David Travetto, Vice President, Sales, American Hotel Register Company

We have documented cases demonstrating cash and revenue increases in the millions of dollars as a direct result of the disciplines and behaviors taught and practiced during this training.

Timothy S. McCarthy, Director, Contracting and Negotiations, Rockwell Automation

We negotiate better than ever before and that is definitely contributing to our higher margins and EPS.

Mark A. Russell, President and COO, Worthington Industries

TableForce takes the time to learn about the culture, strategy and initiatives of the customers they serve.

TableForce distinguishes themselves by customizing exercises to the client’s industry and products to make the negotiation exercises more real and credible for their students.

Karen Leggio, Chief Procurement Officer, Tyco Electronics