Negotiation Courses on Video

Whether you’re a new teammate looking to catch up with your peers, or a self-starter looking to get ahead on your own, our self-paced videos & coaching negotiation courses on video are the perfect solution to make you a better negotiator, fast!

Negotiation Courses on Video

Our negotiation courses on video contain all the same great content taught in our “live” (in-person and online) negotiation workshops. You of course won’t get the same interaction as a “live” session, but we are available via email or video conference to make sure you understand both the material itself AND how to apply it to your unique situation.

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Expert negotiators and trainers - a difficult combination to find! As an L&D & Organizational Development Director, I recently partnered with TableForce to train some of my internal collaborators on professional negotiation skills. I believe it is quite difficult to find such a "niche" partner that is highly specialized into negotiation training and I intend to sustain that partnership for years to come. After delivering several sessions and receiving outstanding feedback for each of them, I can confidently say that I would recommend TableForce to anyone looking for a best-in-class negotiation learning seminar.

TableForce provided one of the best trainings I've been through in my personal and professional experience. They had an industry expert, top-notch content, and a perfect mix of learning styles (lecture, hands-on, group, etc.). I used the tools and experience provided immediately in my personal and professional life, saving me $1,000s personally and closing multiple millions of dollars in negotiated deals professionally. I learned life skills. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Excellent training program with easy to follow material. As an experienced negotiator I further enhanced my skills and practice. Mike and the team at TableForce backed up their material with excellent practicals and real world examples. Thoroughly recommend.