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  • Negotiation Masterclasses and Training Programs

  • Immediate Verifiable Hard Dollar ROI

  • Customized Client Specific Message Delivery

  • Experiential “Hand-on” Learning

  • NO Sleepy PowerPoint!

  • Led by REAL “At-the-table” Negotiators

  • Since 1997 in 40+ Countries on Six Continents

What is the best negotiation training program?

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We negotiate better than ever before and that is definitely contributing to our higher margins and EPS.

Mark A. Russell, President and COO, Worthington Industries

TableForce takes the time to learn about the culture, strategy and initiatives of the customers they serve.

TableForce distinguishes themselves by customizing exercises to the client’s industry and products to make the negotiation exercises more real and credible for their students.

Karen Leggio, Chief Procurement Officer, TE Connectivity

TableForce is part of our current “Built to Last” initiative as both an expert and trusted advisor.

Leo Quinn, Chief Executive Officer, Balfour Beatty

We have documented cases demonstrating cash and revenue increases in the millions of dollars as a direct result of the disciplines and behaviors taught and practiced during this training.

Tim McCarthy, Director, Contracting and Negotiations, Rockwell Automation

Our associates embraced the no-nonsense, tactical and real-world approach of your training and were particularly impressed with the way you tailored the training to our industry.

David Travetto, Vice President, Sales, American Hotel Register Company

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Expert negotiators and trainers - a difficult combination to find! As an L&D & Organizational Development Director, I recently partnered with TableForce to train some of my internal collaborators on professional negotiation skills. I believe it is quite difficult to find such a "niche" partner that is highly specialized into negotiation training and I intend to sustain that partnership for years to come. After delivering several sessions and receiving outstanding feedback for each of them, I can confidently say that I would recommend TableForce to anyone looking for a best-in-class negotiation learning seminar.

TableForce provided one of the best trainings I've been through in my personal and professional experience. They had an industry expert, top-notch content, and a perfect mix of learning styles (lecture, hands-on, group, etc.). I used the tools and experience provided immediately in my personal and professional life, saving me $1,000s personally and closing multiple millions of dollars in negotiated deals professionally. I learned life skills. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Excellent training program with easy to follow material. As an experienced negotiator I further enhanced my skills and practice. Mike and the team at TableForce backed up their material with excellent practicals and real world examples. Thoroughly recommend.