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Being a good negotiator can make a big difference in your life and career, but successfully negotiating to achieve your goals requires learning and practice. Get the latest negotiation tips, techniques, and views from our team of experts and take your negotiation skills to the next level. All of our expert professional negotiators have worked on 6 continents and as a company the team has worked in more than forty countries. We’ve negotiated from both the sell and buy sides of the table and from straight commodities to strategic partnerships. We hope you enjoy our material.

Terms and Conditions MATTER

By |June 8, 2021|Businesses & Individuals|

Terms and Conditions MATTER A lot of people think negotiations are all, or mostly, about price. Experienced negotiators know that Terms and Conditions matter MORE! I tend to tell a lot of business stories, but there's a lot of negotiations that happen on a personal level that may drive a point home even better. Studies show the average person has 4-5 opportunities to negotiate every day - but they miss them because they're not paying attention. I’d like to tell you about a time I [...]

Confidence And Its Impact On Negotiation

By |June 3, 2021|Negotiating Assistance & Consulting|

The Impact of Confidence On Negotiations I decided to add a follow-up to my other blog on Negotiating a Better Salary, or Job Offer. This is about the impact of confidence on a negotiation. There’s a saying going around, “fake it until you make it!” WRONG. People see right through it, plus it’s disingenuous. Let me tell you a story about REAL confidence, and its impact on the other side of a negotiation. This is about one of my favorite negotiators, and people, Olga, and [...]

Receiving Bad News Early Is Good News

By |June 3, 2021|Negotiating Assistance & Consulting|

Receiving Bad News Early Is Good News My friend Austin recently thanked me for some advice I gave him 10 years ago that he still uses to this day. We teach it in our sessions, and I tell someone the same advice at least once a week. Receiving or finding out bad news early is good news. Getting to “no” can have as much value as getting to “yes”. Here’s an example: I just joined a team and they had a job recently that had [...]

How to Negotiate Price Increases

By |April 22, 2021|Negotiating Assistance & Consulting|

How to negotiate price increases, both getting a price increase for sellers as well as defending against price increases for buyers, is a HOT topic at the moment. Geopolitical decisions have disrupted global supply chains and sellers have all the power right now. Buyers are often negotiating delivery dates, and quantities, sometimes price doesn’t come up at all! That said, sellers are still afraid of their customers and buyers of the world are generally competent at creating FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) to gain leverage in [...]

Negotiation Meets Sustainability – A Business Case

By |April 20, 2021|Businesses & Individuals|

Negotiation Meets Sustainability: I have been exploring the theme of how effective negotiation is compatible with a mindset of sustainability, and not focused on simply price and cost. The proliferation of Impact Investing is a clear sign that having a purpose to do good and not just make profit is the way forward, and those businesses who do not embrace this, will not survive. The data on financial performance supports this. One study by the Investment Bank, Fidelity, who analyzed 2,660 firms, showed that companies with [...]

Negotiation Meets Sustainability – A Personal Story

By |April 20, 2021|Businesses & Individuals|

Negotiation Meets Sustainability – A Personal Story I talked in my last blog about how negotiation can genuinely create lasting and sustainable benefits for all stakeholders by focusing on needs and not wants, working on really understanding the other side’s sheet of paper, not falling prey to one’s ego and listening. This will then lead to growing the pie for everyone. An example from my personal life might help to further illustrate this. I use the skills of negotiation in my personal life just as much, if [...]

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