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The world’s best negotiators know that negotiation plays an outsized, yet often unrecognized, role in our interactions with others. The team of expert negotiators behind TableForce, with over a century of experience as global leaders in negotiation consulting and negotiation skills training, have a deep understanding of professional negotiations for any situation by practicing this skill set day in and day out. That’s one of the reasons why your peers rate us the best negotiation training company!

It is this experience, in combination with a passion for negotiating and teaching, that inspired our goal to create the best negotiation training company in the world. Today, TableForce’s professional negotiators offer a variety of the most comprehensive and engaging negotiation assistance and training services available, creating win-win outcomes for our clients across the globe by:

Educating, Empowering and Executing.

History: Negotiation Skills Training

Since 1997, TableForce has provided the world’s best at-the-table contract negotiation assistance and negotiation training. During that time, we have worked with hundreds of internationally respected companies in 40+ countries.

We offer best-in-class negotiation services in the areas of sales, purchasing, project management and beyond. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups, educational institutions and non-profits. Over the past 25+ years, these organizations have called upon us for a variety of services, including:

Our experience and distinguished clientele, in addition to proven ROI, are what make TableForce among the best negotiation training companies in the world.

Our Negotiation Skills Training Philosophy

Expert negotiators


Clients consistently report that the biggest differences between TableForce and other negotiation services are the at-the-table experience of our professional negotiators and our customized approach.


Professional Negotiators

Methodology & Process

Too often, negotiating parties concede critical items – particularly price – during negotiation in an effort to “close the deal.” They do not realize the impact on margins and costs, including cost of sales.


Best negotiation training company

Ongoing Training

TableForce prides itself on developing long-term relationships with our clients. We believe the most valuable learning opportunities emerge from a combination of real-time practice and solid classroom instruction.


Expert Negotiators

As the top professional negotiators in the business, TableForce partners offer unmatched depth and breadth of experience. With over a century of combined, hands-on contract negotiation under our belts, we have personally negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars in value on behalf of our client companies.

We also believe in lifelong learning. While there is no substitute for practical experience, our ability to negotiate effectively is enhanced by a grounding in academic theory and expertise in the most current negotiation techniques. That is why our partners have earned advanced negotiation skills certificates from Harvard Business School, MIT, Stanford University, University of Notre Dame, and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Whether you’re looking for the best sales negotiation training program or the best procurement negotiation training program, the combination of real-world experience and continued academic engagement ensures that we are able to offer the best negotiation services in the business.

Global Reach

The TableForce team, along with their global clients, understands the need for consistent global negotiation strategy and messaging worldwide, while always taking into account local cultural differences. TableForce brings proven and demonstrated cross cultural skills to their workshops. The message to protect margin, scope and cost will be consistent worldwide, while the “how to do so” will be tailored to the various culture being trained. For example, at-the-table negotiations in Kansas City, Shanghai and London must be all be treated differently.

We face new frontiers in negotiation – within a rapidly evolving environment, across different cultures and time zones and via new communication platforms. Bringing in a professional negotiator with global experience as your hired gun can result in value far beyond the cost.

As a truly global negotiations firm, we welcome the opportunity to work with firms who have global reach and need to master negotiation skills on the world’s business stage.

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You don’t need to go it alone when it comes to negotiation. Clients have consistently expressed appreciation for the difference we’ve made in their organizations as a trusted extension of their team. TableForce offers a win-win for companies, individuals and academic institutions looking to take their negotiation skills to the next level.

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Expert negotiators and trainers - a difficult combination to find!As an L&D & Organizational Development Director, I recently partnered with TableForce to train some of my internal collaborators on professional negotiation skills. I believe it is quite difficult to find such a "niche" partner that is highly specialized into negotiation training and I intend to sustain that partnership for years to come. After delivering several sessions and receiving outstanding feedback for each of them, I can confidently say that I would recommend TableForce to anyone looking for a best-in-class negotiation learning seminar.

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