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TableForce has built its reputation on outstanding business negotiation training over the course of the past two plus decades. Today, as the nature and expectations of higher education continue to evolve, our professional negotiation team’s offerings are also available to colleges and universities. Ask us about our negotiation course materials for higher education today!

Real-world negotiation training has never been more important or more useful, given the following:

  • Employers indicate that a graduate’s demonstration of applicable life skills, including the ability to communicate and problem solve effectively, are just as important as subject matter expertise.

  • Preferred modes and methods for learning – particularly amidst a global pandemic–are undergoing a radical transformation.

  • Less than 40% of employees negotiated their salary in their current role.

TableForce offers an opportunity to balance traditional curriculum offerings with pre-packaged, real-world negotiation syllabus and materials. Not only do we provide your professors with plug-and-play options that can easily be integrated into their existing syllabus and coursework, we provide your students with a set of life skills that will benefit them in school, at work and throughout the rest of their lives.


TableForce offers just the right blend of academic training and practical negotiating experience. Students will learn from experienced contract negotiators who are also trained in negotiation consulting and business management.

The TableForce partners have more than 75 years of combined, hands-on contract negotiation experience. We have personally helped negotiate hundreds of millions of dollars in savings and increased sales on behalf of our client companies.

Additionally, we engage in continued academic training, earning advanced negotiation skills certificates from the Harvard Law School, MIT, Stanford University, University of Notre Dame, and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

We have taught business courses at the university level and understand the importance of theoretical grounding coupled with real-world examples. Our academic and practical background lends expertise, insight, and credibility to our negotiation materials and curriculum.

We’re direct and and no-nonsense but also engaging. We bring a high level of professionalism, respect and energy to our course offerings.

“If all my teachers taught this way I’d actually pay attention.” – University of Colorado student

Our Real-world Negotiation Expertise in Your Course Material

Our course offerings can serve as a valuable supplement in courses spanning organizational leadership, marketing, sales, human resources classes, etc. The value of negotiation skills, however, is not limited to students seeking traditional business degrees. The ability to negotiate is an important life skill that spans academic disciplines and is valuable for all students, regardless of their chosen field.

We fashion our negotiation curriculum and materials to capitalize on student engagement and to produce the following outcomes:

  • Opening students’ eyes to the world of negotiation possibilities. The vast majority of the Western world does not see, nor understand, the incredibly large pool of negotiation opportunities that present themselves to each individual on an almost daily basis. Virtually everything is negotiable.

  • Revealing that they are already master negotiators. The skills are innate, but are lost little by little, year over year, as we grow older.

  • Showing that the key to negotiating is the willingness to try, and the importance of avoiding the negative self-talk that negates our ability and desire to try. Once you overcome those hurdles, negotiation skills are fairly simple and the play-book that can be learned with proper education.

  • Showing them how to be responsible for their own success – don’t let someone put their definition of “fair” on you.

Plan for The Upcoming Academic Year with TableForce

Let us save you time and effort as you plan and teach in the upcoming school year semester, topic or class. TableForce’s university negotiation content serve as a specialized supplement to your class offerings and ease the burden of relying on textbooks or building out an entire curriculum from scratch.

Desired student outcomes will be achieved through our course offerings in the foundational “3 B’s”:

  • The Basics: Try, Plan, Raise the Bar

  • The Bargaining: Yield and Shield

  • The Buying Game: Clues You’re Selected

Our negotiation curriculum includes the following materials:

  • Plug-in video courses ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours in length

  • Interactive activities and group projects focusing on “Planning and Outcomes” (1 hour) or Negotiation Role Plays (2 hours)

  • Supplemental reading lists

  • Quizzes and tests

You can determine what elements fit in best with your class syllabus and mix and match as appropriate. All services are ready to go after purchase. Once you choose your materials, you can plug and play immediately.

The Benefits of Using the TableForce Team of Negotiators

The TableForce team is a trusted and reputable source for real-world negotiation expertise. Our university-level negotiation materials and curriculum, in conjunction with your regular teachings, offer a win-win for you, your school and your students.

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We negotiate better than ever before and that is definitely contributing to our higher margins and EPS.

Mark A. Russell, President and COO, Worthington Industries

TableForce takes the time to learn about the culture, strategy and initiatives of the customers they serve.

TableForce distinguishes themselves by customizing exercises to the client’s industry and products to make the negotiation exercises more real and credible for their students.

Karen Leggio, Chief Procurement Officer, Tyco Electronics

TableForce is part of our current “Built to Last” initiative as both an expert and trusted advisor.

Leo Quinn, Chief Executive Officer, Balfour Beatty

We have documented cases demonstrating cash and revenue increases in the millions of dollars as a direct result of the disciplines and behaviors taught and practiced during this training.

Timothy S. McCarthy, Director, Contracting and Negotiations, Rockwell Automation

Our associates embraced the no-nonsense, tactical and real-world approach of your training and were particularly impressed with the way you tailored the training to our industry.

David Travetto, Vice President, Sales, American Hotel Register Company

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