Negotiating for Success I

Who should take this course?

Executives, Management, and Associates in:

Workshop Overview

Negotiating for Success I is deliverable in person, through Zoom (preferred, or your organizations video solution) or via on-demand eLearning videos and is designed to be a strong foundation or refresher to key negotiating skills. These negotiating skills will serve as a foundation for all negotiation situations and can be applied in what TableForce calls The Three Areas of Continuous Negotiation (at home, work, and the rest of the world). Whether you are a seller or a buyer, this interactive workshop teaches a simple-to-learn, repeatable framework built around making concessions and requests which surface during all negotiations. Some of the key topics covered from both the buyer and seller sides include:

  • Relationship building through the negotiation process
  • Win-win – more than just a phrase
  • Negotiating power
  • Negotiating tactics
  • Tactic countermeasures
  • Weaknesses and how to improve
  • Understanding your position, and even more importantly, theirs!

This workshop requires attendees to participate in a significant amount of role-playing to raise their awareness of their own preconceptions and tendencies, all within a positive and safe learning environment. Along with ensuring negotiations skills practice, attendees also receive immediate feedback, constructive criticism, and suggestions on improving their skills.

Workshop Materials

  • Interactive 80+ page workbook
  • Negotiation role-playing cases (multiple)
  • 2-hours of studio produced, podcast style, review audio files
  • Detailed electronic negotiation planning forms and checklists
  • Pocket reminder of fundamental principles and strategies
  • Certificate of Completion, both online and suitable for framing – boosts attendee morale!
  • Various supplementary handouts