Negotiation Examples

At TableForce, we know how important it is to lead by example. That’s why we’re sharing a few of our best business negotiation examples to help you gain a negotiation advantage. Unlike our friends at HBR, ours are open source.

Whether you are looking to enhance your personal negotiation skills or seeking to transform your organizational culture through improved business-to-business negotiations, our negotiation case studies showcase practical negotiating techniques and tactics that lead to real-world success

Video Negotiation Examples:

Leading by Example: Negotiation Case Studies

TableForce understands firsthand that the key to successful real-life negotiations lies at the intersection of experience and education.

The TableForce partners have built our reputation on a combined seven decades of success at the negotiation table, working with organizations across continents, cultures, industries and communication platforms.

We have turned our experiences and knowledge into best-in-class negotiation workshops, seminars, video courses and training materials. Time and again, our clients have indicated that this unique background lends expertise, insight and credibility to our negotiation training. And the real-life examples we provide serve as one of the most powerful tools for learning.

The business negotiation examples below focus on three types of negotiation–from navigating a contentious real estate transaction to protecting sales margins to lowering procurement costs. They are particularly useful when considered in the context of the skills, strategies, techniques and tips taught in our negotiation workshops, seminars or courses.
We invite professionals to apply their negotiation training skills to the issues at hand. Establish your position and goals. Look at the research. Determine your negotiating power. Think about terms and conditions that can get you to the “win-win.” Then, consider those in the context of our real-world solutions and results.

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Working With TableForce

As the best negotiators in the business, TableForce offers an unmatched depth and breadth of experience. With more than a century of combined, hands-on contract negotiation under our belts, TableForce has personally negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars in value on behalf of our client companies. Curious how we can make an impact for you?