Sales Negotiation Training

Sales roles often focus on technical skills needed to understand the product or service and tactical skills needed to manage customers and opportunities. Also essential, however, is the ability to build and manage long-term relationships and protect value.

You’ll get access to decades of experience negotiating high stakes sales and extensive sales negotiation training. Get started today and discover how bolstering the negotiation skills of your organization’s sales team can boost your revenue and margin while improving relationships with your customers.

The return on your investment is immediate, reference accounts will tell you individual attendees often pay for the entire training in the first post-workshop negotiation they conduct.

How Sales Negotiation Skills Benefits You

Sales negotiation training by TableForce allows you to navigate the field of sales more skillfully and efficiently. Learn the most effective sales negotiation techniques to close deals, greatly exceed your quotas and build better business relationships.

Our sales negotiation training will help you:
  • Understand buyer tactics and defend against them

  • Identify and avoid critical mistakes

  • Create and claim value

  • Respond to customer asks effectively

  • Beat your competitors

  • Make the sale while building a better relationship!

With a sales negotiation workshop you’ll get a high return on investment. You can immediately put into practice our real-world actionable techniques and examples to bolster your top and bottom lines. And the benefits are not limited to business interactions, enhanced sales negotiation skills allow you to minimize conflict and get to win-win outcomes in all areas of your life.

Negotiating Techniques You Need to Close the Deal

The ability to negotiate effectively is a vital skill in today’s competitive global business environment. And nowhere is this more obvious on a day-to-day basis than in the field of sales.

As with any skill, the ability to negotiate can be improved through study and practice. TableForce’s sales negotiation training provides professionals with the knowledge and tools to successfully close deals and build relationships that lead to even more future sales opportunities.

The negotiation experts at TableForce have worked with sales teams in construction, manufacturing, distribution, defense, software services and industries others around the world (on 6 continents in more than 40 countries). You’ll get the benefit of our experience from the sales side, but more importantly, from the behind-the-scenes procurement perspective as well.

Our extensive experience in the field means that we understand how to navigate the buyer-supplier partnership across various industries, cultures and communication platforms.

The result is the best sales negotiation training for salespeople looking to advance their career. Make the investment in yourself or your team. There’s a proven immediate hard dollar return on your investment.

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Bill Garcia delivers negotiation skills keynote at the GCBAA Annual Conference

Bill’s an avid golfer and longtime partner of the GCBAA (Golf Course Association of America) delivering many keynotes to the conference over the years.

You’ll Learn a Simple, yet Effective, Proven 3-Prong Process

Sales positions can be a difficult balancing act. You have the dual responsibility of ensuring your organization closes deals wisely while building and maintaining productive, long-term relationships with both external and internal stakeholders.

With negotiation training for sales, you’ll learn to utilize our proven three-prong methodology of Trying Harder and Planning Better, with the ultimate goal of Raising the Bar. You’ll be immersed in the practical negotiation skills that sellers use most, and are most effective, including:

  • Trying Harder

    • Building productive long-term relationships
    • Protecting value and information
    • Spotting buyer’s negotiation tactics upfront
    • Countering tactics effectively
    • Getting “fired up” to negotiate with energy, enthusiasm, and confidence
  • Planning Better

    • Understanding your position
    • Identifying desired outcomes
    • Determining the position of the customer
    • Designing an effective negotiation strategy
    • Ensuring your team is pointed in the same direction
  • Raising the Bar

    • Developing a strong opening position, target, and bottom line (BATNA)
    • Working with customers to lower total cost of ownership (TCO), while protecting your margin!
    • Creating value in with the customer and ensuring proper scope
    • Reducing stress and aggravation for everyone involved in the negotiation
    • Arriving at a “win-win” for all parties, with more wins for your side!

Sales Negotiation Training: Negotiating for Success

If you’re like most clients, your transactions are complex and multi-faceted. You’ll learn how to navigate the competitive global landscape and negotiate for success with multiple parties, negotiations will be a key skill in your arsenal. Let TableForce help you hone your skills and get to “win-win” agreements with our sales negotiation workshops.

Whether you’re looking for customized training for your whole team, interactive workshops (in-person or online) or short, skills-based videos that can be accessed at any time, TableForce has a training option to meet your needs. Let us show you how to navigate your most complex deals and become an expert negotiator in the sales field.

We negotiate better than ever before and that is definitely contributing to our higher margins and EPS.

Mark A. Russell, President and COO, Worthington Industries

TableForce takes the time to learn about the culture, strategy and initiatives of the customers they serve.

TableForce distinguishes themselves by customizing exercises to the client’s industry and products to make the negotiation exercises more real and credible for their students.

Karen Leggio, Chief Procurement Officer, Tyco Electronics

TableForce is part of our current “Built to Last” initiative as both an expert and trusted advisor.

Leo Quinn, Chief Executive Officer, Balfour Beatty

We have documented cases demonstrating cash and revenue increases in the millions of dollars as a direct result of the disciplines and behaviors taught and practiced during this training.

Timothy S. McCarthy, Director, Contracting and Negotiations, Rockwell Automation

Our associates embraced the no-nonsense, tactical and real-world approach of your training and were particularly impressed with the way you tailored the training to our industry.

David Travetto, Vice President, Sales, American Hotel Register Company

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