What does it mean to be a TableForce Professional Negotiation Trainer?

The team of top professional negotiators at TableForce have a solid track record of “at-the-table” experience delivering real results. Members of the team at TableForce not only have decades of real-world negotiating experience but are well seasoned in international business and are experts in sales and procurement contract negotiating. Having experience on both sides of the negotiating table, the partners at TableForce are some of the top negotiators in the world and possess keen skills on how to best maximize the potential of any negotiating opportunity.

Meet the Contract Negotiation and Negotiation Skills Training Professionals


Bill Garcia of TableForce

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Bill Garcia has developed a notable career in both entrepreneurial and corporate environments, nationally and internationally. Read more…

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Top Negotion Trainer Mike Inman

Managing Partner

Mike Inman has trained over 7,000 negotiators on 6 continents in 30+ countries and personally led negotiations for over $1 billion in deals (500+) from both the sales and procurement sides of the table. Read more…

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Lisanne Bogle negotiation trainer


With 25 years of experience negotiating for global world-class companies, Lisanne is well known for her negotiation, supply chain management, relationship management, and leadership skills. Read more…

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Fergus Graham of TableForce


The extensive range of roles and situations that Fergus has encountered has enabled him to refine his negotiating skills and take lessons from each outcome. Read more…

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Alan Rublin of TableForce


Alan has been successful as an outside sales professional and has years of platform experience as a trainer and manager of learning and development. Read more…

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