We’re often asked, what are some fun negotiation examples or techniques? Here are some of our favorites!

Car Negotiation Example:

I call my friend, while standing in front of the seller.
“Hi Joe. I’m at the car dealer. She is saying $25,000, what do you think?”
“They say go lower” (prearranged)
“Lower? OK. Thank you.”
I turn to the seller and say “lower”. They don’t know how to defend.
Car sellers do this to customers all the time. They say “I need to talk to the manager (third party).”

The Intentional “Firing” Example

I bring someone into a negotiation with the intent that they will intentionally say something stupid.
“We’ve done that before haven’t we?”
I look to see how the other side reacts.
They want things in 10 weeks.
I’ve been saying 20 weeks.
My “shill” says “We’ve done 15 weeks before haven’t we?”
I look for the reaction on “15 weeks.”
I gather if the other side is able to accept 15 (not the stated 10).
I now “shoot” the shill.
“Joe, that was out of line. I’m going to have to ask you to leave/hang up/…”
I now negotiate back at 20 weeks knowing fully that a concession to 15 will yield me a great win.