5 Reasons to Hire a Certified Professional Negotiator

At TableForce, our certified professional negotiators provide expert negotiation training, consulting, and assistance across industries, institutions, and borders. Whether you wish to negotiate more effectively in your own life, improve the negotiation culture at your organization, or engage an advocate on your behalf, our professional negotiators deliver high value and win-win outcomes.

What is a Certified Professional Negotiator?

A certified professional negotiator has demonstrated advanced training, skills, and experience in resolving differences between two or more parties. At TableForce,our professional negotiators “Learn, Do, and Teach” these vital techniques on a daily basis.


Our professional negotiators believe in the power of continued education, earning negotiation skills certificates from Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Notre Dame, and Northwestern.


Our partners have more than seven decades of combined experience at the negotiation table. We have personally trained thousands of executives and sales professionals, and helped negotiate hundreds of millions of dollars in savings on behalf of our clients.


We offer best-in-class negotiation training in sales, purchasing, project management, and beyond. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, small- and medium-sized businesses, start-ups, educational institutions, and nonprofits.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Negotiation Professional

TableForce’s professional negotiation services have a high return on investment, paying for themselves many times over. Our professional negotiators bring expertise and perspective to any situation. They specialize in being prepared and communicating effectively. And they inspire confidence when it comes to achieving a win-win outcome for all parties.

#1: Expertise

Our professional negotiators offer decades of experience and results.

TableForce partners have provided negotiation consulting services to organizations in more than 40 countries on six continents. We have seen it all, and, in doing so, have developed a successful methodology for Raising the Bar by Planning Better and Trying Harder.

We also understand that our ability to negotiate effectively is enhanced by a grounding in academic theory and familiarity with the most current negotiation techniques. That is why we engage in continuing education opportunities and incorporate best practices in all our training and negotiation services.

#2: Perspective

Our professional negotiators see the big picture and are laser-focused on your needs and goals.

It can be easy to lose the forest for the trees. There are times, both personally and professionally, that our clients find they benefit from a third-party perspective. This is especially true in a complex, high-stakes matter with an unpredictable negotiating party.

TableForce partners apply our proven framework to assess the overall situation, understand your position, and identify clear objectives. This allows us to pursue your goals in an organized and strategic fashion.

#3: Preparation

Our professional negotiators research and tailor our services to each client’s needs.

In fact, clients frequently say that our dedication to preparation and customization is what sets TableForce apart from other services. We do a deep dive into your industry, organization, and/or situation. We analyze the nature of the negotiating party. We help determine negotiation power – your opening position and bottom line – and assess the value of various terms and conditions.

This, in combination with an understanding of your goals, serves as the strategic framework for all negotiation services.

#4: Communication

Our professional negotiators engage in direct, two-way communication.

TableForce partners seek to build trust and respect in all our relationships because we understand that is the foundation for achieving your goals. Our experience allows us to spot negotiation tactics–something a person says, does, or threatens to do that is insincere and designed to solicit an adverse reaction–and counter them effectively.

In addition to being honest and no-nonsense, we also bring a high level of professionalism, respect, and energy to the table.

#5: Confidence

Our professional negotiators are experts in the field. We offer perspective on a situation. We prepare thoroughly. And we communicate clearly and with purpose. The result is confidence in our ability to identify the needs of our clients and advocate skillfully for your desired outcomes.

The world of negotiation is rapidly evolving. We live in a complex and interconnected global society. We increasingly communicate across cultures, time zones, and digital platforms. At TableForce, our professional negotiators marshal decades of valuable experience and training to provide our clients with the tools they need to navigate this world skillfully, confidently, and successfully.