Negotiation skills are vital to the success of your business. Over the past three decades, we have flown all over the world, delivering high-energy and high-impact negotiation training. Let us help you produce a win-win outcome for your organization by saving you time and effort while leveling up your team’s negotiation skills.

What We Offer

Customized Trainings

If you’re looking for the ultimate business negotiation training for your entire team, our customized training is for you. Tailored to your industry and company needs, you’ll get customized content and role-play case studies to instruct your employees on how to negotiate win-win outcomes, and directly impact your company’s bottom line. Our customized training is offered onsite or virtual, and brings a high level of professionalism, respect, and energy.

Participant Outcomes

  • Gaining great confidence

  • Trying harder and more often

  • Understanding where margin and cost escalate

  • Understanding the difference between price and value (the price of the drill and bits versus the value of the holes)

  • Learning to all point in the same direction as a company/team

  • Learning that each interaction outside the company is a micro negotiation where we must protect value and information without damaging relationships

  • Getting fired up!

Interactive Workshops

Looking to bring a new employee up to speed with the rest of your team? Seeking a professional development opportunity that offers a great return on investment and can be accessed remotely? Our regularly scheduled interactive public workshops are particularly valuable for successful professionals looking to learn about key negotiation strategies and tactics or hone in existing negotiation skills.

Consisting of three, 3-hour workshops, these interactive sessions are open to customers from around the world and allow for interaction, including activities and Q&A with our professional trainers.

Who Needs Business Negotiation Training

We offer business negotiation training for executives looking to make a big impact for their organization. We’ve trained leaders in Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, educational institutions, and more. Not sure if business negotiation training is right for you? Review these five negotiation skills and ask yourself how efficient you and your team truly are in these areas.

  • Negotiate effectively with all bargaining styles – you’ve surely come across those that drive a hard-bargain. It’s difficult to combat brute styles of negotiation without preparation and training. Even dealing with passive bargainers needs to be handled appropriately without appearing or actively taking advantage of them.

  • Reaching the Zone of Possible Agreement (ZOPA) – this is known as a range or area in which an agreement is satisfactory to both parties involved in the negotiation process. In other words, finding common ground. In other words, finding common ground. In order to get in the ZOPA, parties must effectively trade concessions. Finding what you can and cannot concede in order to protect and grow value for your organization is key.

  • Emotional awareness – I think we’ve all heard advice that goes something like this, “leave your emotions behind and think rationally.” This is still a great rule of thumb as we want to be aware of our emotions and appropriately manage them. Though great negotiators can often incorporate life experiences that relate or identify a point to the other party. At times, we can leverage emotions.

  • Being persuasive and influential – we want to create a vision that is mutually beneficial. It is important that YOU create that vision and establish influence. But here’s the rub. Building trust, value for both parties and reading behaviors requires a deep understanding of people.

  • Effectively managing conflict – a big part of why you are negotiating in the first place is because there is no easy solution or agreement for both parties. This means conflicts and disagreements will arise. In order to build and maintain a long-term relationship, you must be able to calmly and collectively deal with conflict and offer solutions.

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Through a series of customized training or interactive workshops, we will have your team implementing tried and true methods of negotiation. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help grow your business with negotiation training.