Business Negotiation Workshops

TableForce experts provide engaging, effective business negotiation workshops customized to the needs of your organization. From sales to procurement to project management and beyond, our negotiation workshops and eLearning self-paced videos have helped teams across the globe develop practical, applicable negotiating skills that boost their bottom line.

What is a Negotiation Workshop?

TableForce business negotiation workshops teach the foundational skills needed to effectively negotiate in today’s global economy. In addition to highly engaging discussion, reading and writing, our interactive negotiation workshops examine real-world case studies and provide opportunities to practice and refine newly learned skills through role-playing exercises.

All of our executive negotiation workshops are led by our TableForce partners and carefully tailored to the needs of your organization and team. With decades of “at the table” experience, our experts offer insight into the psychology, tactics and solutions most commonly used in today’s negotiations. And our practical approach means that we focus on strategies and tools that can easily be applied to your next negotiation.

Why Executives Need Negotiation Workshops for Teams

TableForce has built its reputation on outstanding business negotiation workshops, delivered to global companies across six continents over three decades. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, small- and medium-sized businesses, start-ups, educational institutions and non-profits.

We help executives save time and effort by crafting negotiation workshops customized to the specific needs of their team. Our workshops are particularly valuable for executives, managers and associates in the following areas:

From building relationships to understanding negotiating power to planning and tactics, your team can immediately and effectively apply our negotiation framework to all their professional interactions. The result is courageous and confident negotiators who produce win-win outcomes for your organization.

Types of Negotiation Workshops

Beyond workshops tailored for Sales or Procurement, we offer 2 delivery methods.

Virtual Online Interactive Negotiation Workshops

TableForce provides a full suite of virtual online negotiation workshops via Zoom (preferred) or your organization’s video solution. Just like our onsite workshops, these sessions are engaging, interactive and fully customized to the needs of your team.

All attendees of our virtual negotiation workshops have an opportunity to practice new negotiation skills and receive immediate feedback. They also benefit from an interactive workbook and access to supplementary materials.

Onsite In-person Interactive Negotiation Workshops

For decades, TableForce has traveled to organizations across the globe, delivering engaging, interactive, customized negotiation workshops. Today, we continue to provide onsite negotiation workshops when health, safety and travel considerations permit.

Our onsite negotiation workshops require attendees to participate in a significant amount of role-playing and allow for immediate and constructive suggestions for improvement within a positive, safe learning environment.

Negotiating for Success

Negotiating for Success I walks buyers and sellers through the negotiation process, from core concepts to real-world negotiation techniques. Negotiating for Success II builds upon this foundation, incorporating several new concepts and focusing on the importance of planning for success.

Negotiating for Success I is a mandatory requirement for participation in the following negotiation workshops.

Successfully negotiating a price increase as part of an existing agreement or contract renewal requires a deliberate and refined approach. The Price Increase Workshop is designed to complement Negotiating for Success I, with a specific focus on negotiating a price increase with customers. Topics covered include establishing the proper mindset, planning and how to respond to typical customer objections.

  • Review & Assessment

This advanced negotiation workshop reviews key concepts from Negotiating for Success I. The highly interactive session provides a forum to discuss and analyze strategies and tactics that have proven successful and refine those that have been less so. Attendees are asked to come prepared with real cases where they applied concepts learned in a previous Negotiating for Success workshop.

  • Inside Sales

The Inside Sales negotiation workshop focuses on rapid negotiation exchanges that take place over the phone, via email or at the counter, when there is less time for detailed planning. Role-playing activities throughout the session focus on building an attitude of confidence, courage and determination. In addition to primary negotiation skills addressed in earlier workshops, topics include add-on sales, selling value and dealing with competition.

  • Deal Review Session

Frequently touted as the most valuable of the TableForce advanced negotiation workshops, the Deal Review Session brings to life the key concepts taught in Negotiating for Success I by applying them to your team’s active (or past) negotiation. Attendees are asked to complete a pre-session form summarizing their “real deal” for TableForce review and analysis. This allows for an efficient, productive session in which we dissect the deal and construct an effective negotiation strategy that garners immediate payback.

Managing for Success

Managing for Success is an executive negotiation workshop designed to strengthen the skills of supervisors who lead teams that engage in frequent negotiations. Learn how to effectively manage buyers and sellers who have previously attended Negotiating for Success I.

Our interactive scenarios focus on key topics such as assessing negotiation needs, serving as a mentor during the planning process, coaching behavior change and leading by example. It also covers situations in which managers may need to become personally engaged in the negotiation process.

The Buying Game

The Buying Gamenegotiation workshop arms sellers with information about the processes and tactics most commonly used by buyers (the purchasing individual or team).

The Buying Game was developed by professional “buy side” negotiators and is based on both real-world experience and information provided by members of an international association of contract managers. It stems from the premise that buyers seek concessions from suppliers who are already selected or strongly preferred.

Through lecture, discussion and role-playing activities, our TableForce experts teach sellers how to identify false competition and preserve value while still making their buying organizations happy. The result is a win-win outcome for all.

Back Door Selling

TableForce offers two versions of our popular Back Door Selling negotiation workshop.

The supplier version of the workshop walks sellers through a robust negotiation planning framework, including developing a list of key client questions, understanding how client organizations function and connecting with individuals who can provide the answers you seek. The result is increased leverage in advance of the actual negotiation process.

The customer version of this workshop helps buyers understand how sellers gather critical information by asking presumably innocent questions of support personnel who are not involved in the actual supplier selection process. Attendees learn how providing answers to these questions can greatly diminish their negotiating leverage and increase supplier confidence. More importantly, they learn how to identify and avoid these scenarios.

We negotiate better than ever before and that is definitely contributing to our higher margins and EPS.

Mark A. Russell, President and COO, Worthington Industries

TableForce takes the time to learn about the culture, strategy and initiatives of the customers they serve.

TableForce distinguishes themselves by customizing exercises to the client’s industry and products to make the negotiation exercises more real and credible for their students.

Karen Leggio, Chief Procurement Officer, Tyco Electronics

TableForce is part of our current “Built to Last” initiative as both an expert and trusted advisor.

Leo Quinn, Chief Executive Officer, Balfour Beatty

We have documented cases demonstrating cash and revenue increases in the millions of dollars as a direct result of the disciplines and behaviors taught and practiced during this training.

Timothy S. McCarthy, Director, Contracting and Negotiations, Rockwell Automation

Our associates embraced the no-nonsense, tactical and real-world approach of your training and were particularly impressed with the way you tailored the training to our industry.

David Travetto, Vice President, Sales, American Hotel Register Company