Why negotiate in business?

Whether resolving disputes or arriving at a deal agreeable to multiple parties, negotiation is a vital skill in all walks of life. This is particularly true in today’s business environment.

Negotiation skills are useful in both formal and informal situations, when navigating your professional path and when advocating on behalf of your organization. From discussing your salary, benefits or role within a company to engaging in traditional at-the-table negotiations, the ability to negotiate effectively has long-lasting effects on your career, your organization and your bottom line.

TableForce provides training in the foundational negotiation skills needed in business and in life, as well as advanced skills training in areas such as sales, procurement and purchasing, project management and others. Learn why negotiation is so important in business and take your own skills to the next level.

3 Negotiation Benefits in Business

There are many reasons why negotiation skills are of particular value in a business environment. TableForce’s negotiation training arms you with the strategies, techniques and tools to enter into all your interactions with the right negotiation mindset. It helps increase confidence, improve communication and, ultimately, create win-win outcomes for all parties.

  • Increase Confidence


    A negotiation mindset means that you are prepared. You understand your position or the position of your organization or team. You have done your research on the other party. You are familiar with the strategies and tactics commonly used at the negotiation table. This strong foundation allows you to focus on the deal and negotiate confidently and establish mutual respect with the other party.


  • Improve Communication
    When it comes to negotiation skills in business and in life, the importance of communication cannot be overstated. Open, direct, two-way communication means listening to and understanding the needs of the other party, as well as being able to clearly and concisely articulate your own position. This helps establish understanding, trust and ultimately serves as the foundation of a strong working relationship.
  • Create Win-Win Outcomes


    Confidence in your own position and clear and honest communication with the other negotiating party are vital first steps in business negotiation. They also help you to understand cost versus value and arrive at terms and conditions that make the deal a win-win for both parties.


At TableForce, we refer to this negotiation methodology as Planning Better, Trying Harder and Raising the Bar.

Negotiation Training: The TableForce Advantage

The founders of TableForce, with a combined seven decades of experience as global leaders in negotiation consulting and training, know firsthand why negotiation skills are important in a business environment. It is this extensive real-world experience, in combination with a passion for teaching, that led us to develop our comprehensive and engaging negotiation workshops, seminars and courses.

For the past three decades, our TableForce partners have customized training to companies across a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, distribution, defense, software services and many others. We have flown all over the world, delivering high-energy and high-impact negotiation training.

Today, we continue to provide onsite negotiation training when health, safety and travel considerations permit. We also offer a full suite of virtual options to meet the needs of a changing global workforce.


TableForce workshops are a comprehensive dive into the foundational skills needed to effectively negotiate in today’s business environment. In addition to highly engaging discussion, reading and writing, our interactive negotiation workshops examine real-world case studies and provide opportunities to practice and refine newly learned skills through role-playing exercises.


TableForce’s engaging negotiation seminars provide an overview of the strategies, skills and tools needed to successfully navigate a variety of interactions specific to your field. We work closely with your organization to build each customized seminar around your industry, company and team.


Our negotiation skills video courses are designed to fit into your life. These pre-recorded sessions are less than 10 minutes long. The easily digestible segments include practical negotiation skills that can be applied immediately in both your professional and personal life. Self-paced and on-demand, they go where you do and can be accessed via the video library at the touch of a button.

TableForce prides itself on developing long-term relationships with our clients. We believe the most valuable learning opportunities emerge from a combination of solid instruction, real-time practice and access to continuing education materials. That is why we offer a variety of resources to students in our workshops, seminars and courses, including:

  • Online training videos

  • Follow-up workshops

  • White papers on negotiation tactics and strategies

  • Newsletters

  • FAQs

  • Glossary pages