Lisanne Bogle

Lisanne Bogle: Partner

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Truly Global Authorities

With decades of experience navigating diverse cultures and markets, Lisanne Bogle has honed her skills in striking successful deals, forging strategic partnerships, and ensuring win-win outcomes. Her deep understanding of international business practices and cultural nuances makes her a trusted and effective negotiator in the fast-paced world of hospitality. Lisanne is committed to delivering exceptional results and fostering long-lasting relationships that drive mutual growth and success.

In 2020, Lisanne was named as one of the Global Women Supply Chain Leaders 2020 and is a trailblazing force in the world of hospitality supply chain management. With an impressive global career spanning more than two decades, she has continuously shattered glass ceilings and transformed the supply chain landscape.

Negotiating and Change Management

From the onset of her career, Lisanne Bogle demonstrated an innate passion and ability for negotiations, logistics, systems and operational efficiency. Her relentless drive led her to ascend the ranks within the industry, where she spearheaded numerous high-impact projects and initiatives. Her exceptional strategic acumen and innovative problem-solving abilities quickly caught the attention of industry leaders, setting her on a trajectory towards becoming a true game-changer.

Lisanne has demonstrated an exceptional ability to streamline operations, optimize logistics, and enhance cost-efficiency within the supply chain. Her dedication to delivering high-quality products and services while negotiating a wide array of contracts with tangible benefits including strategic partnerships has made her a valuable asset in the hospitality sector.

Negotiation Trainer Lisanne Bogle: Career Highlights

Known for her inclusive leadership style, Lisanne Bogle has built diverse and cohesive teams that thrive in challenging environments. She champions a people-centric approach, recognizing that empowered employees are the cornerstone of a successful supply chain. Through mentorship and advocacy, she has actively promoted the supply chain profession and garnered the passion and enthusiasm from her teams.

Through her unwavering commitment to excellence, Lisanne Bogle has redefined supply chain management and solidified her position as a beacon of inspiration for women leaders worldwide. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and a steadfast belief in the potential of supply chain management to shape a better future for all.

Education & Certification

  • Bachelor of Science, University of the West Indies
  • Masters Business Administration, International Marketing, Florida International University
  • Certified Purchasing Manager Lifetime, Institute of Supply Management
  • Certified Professional Supply Management, Institute of Supply Management
  • Certified Instructor CPSM, Institute Supply Chain Management

Family & Interests

Lisanne was born and raised in Jamaica. Having lived in many countries, she now resides in Las Vegas. Lisanne, when not traveling, enjoys cooking, gardening and being active.