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“At-the-table” contract negotiation experience and negotiation training in a global business environment are two qualities that differentiate Bill Garcia from other negotiation training professionals. The co-founder of TableForce, Bill Garcia has developed a notable career resume in both entrepreneurial and corporate environments, nationally and internationally. Born a U.S. citizen and raised throughout Latin America (Argentina, Brazil and Chile), he is fluent in Spanish, conversational in Portuguese and he understands Latin American businesses and their customs. These qualities allow Bill to help a diverse group of clients better understand the art of negotiating through his negotiation workshops.

BATNA – Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement

If you ever find yourself wishing spring was coming faster I have the solution, commit to writing a blog and before you know it – BAMN – the days turn to weeks and deadlines are upon you. In this blog I’ll focus on BATNA. A ubiquitous term found in virtually all negotiation texts. What [...]

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Why Take-It-Or-Leave-It Is Not a Good Negotiation Strategy

Why Take-It-Or-Leave-It Is Not a Good Negotiation Strategy There exists and old saying, something of something is better than 100% of nothing.  This saying is a perfect bridge to a conversation on the “take-it-or-leave-it” tactic in negotiations. I’ll address three questions here Is “take-it-or-leave-it” a good tactic to use?  Should it be used? Unfortunately, [...]

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Negotiation Tips and Techniques

Create a Deadline Get Them to Negotiate Understand the Market Determine the Budget Create a Deadline All negotiators know that each party will tend to make concessions at the deadline. Furthermore, most negotiators realize that both sides have deadlines (although many sellers erroneously don’t truly believe this….convinced buyers can wait forever). So therein lies [...]

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