Why you should invest in negotiation training: When negotiations are conducted properly, great relationships are built while both companies increase their top lines and reduce their total cost of ownership, 1+1=3. When negotiations are conducted poorly, it often results in a lose-lose deal where relationships are destroyed. Negotiation training by TableForce helps make sure your team has a consistent vision, process and tools in place to exceed expectations!

Why it’s important: Anyone who cares about the long-term success of their business, both profits and reputation, knows negotiations play a pivotal role in both.

Who benefits: Sales people produce more revenue and margin. Project managers and engineers contain scope creep. Purchasing people deliver lower total costs and improved quality and service. The leaders who bring in TableForce exceed their performance metrics and keep us in the “tool kit” as they move up the corporate ladder to larger and larger responsibilities.

What’s the ROI: Almost EVERY client has told us the return on investment is in the FIRST negotiation they conduct post workshop. One recent client reported a net improvement of £60,000 ($80,000+) after the first day of a 2-day workshop.

What TableForce offers:

  • In-person workshops
  • Virtual training sessions
  • Self-paced videos
  • Advising

What makes TableForce unique: TableForce has been training companies around the globe (6 continents, 40+ countries) since 1997. All of the Partners of TableForce are professional REAL-WORLD negotiators who have learned how to transfer their knowledge to participants.

TableForce vs. Karass

While TableForce and Karrass both teach negotiations exclusively, TableForce uses only real-world negotiators to conduct their sessions and offers full customization of material to client needs.

Dr. Chester Karrass developed Effective Negotiating® in 1968. He then established the negotiation training industry, and Karrass Effective Negotiation has been viewed as a consistent leader ever since. TableForce is often asked by potential clients to compare ourselves with other negotiation training industry leaders. Below is a chart which identifies key differentiators.



In the business of teaching negotiations over 20 yearsXXX
Specialized in negotiationXX
Workshops led by presenters / trainersXXX
Workshops led by real-world negotiatorsXX

Workshop Content

Content based on proven academic theoryXXX
Content supplemented with real-world practical information and applicationXXX
Content continually refreshed based on current market conditionsX
Content specific to function (sales, project management, or purchasing), industry, and geographic location (EMEA, AMER, APAC)X

Delivery Options

Offers face-to-face in-person workshopsXXX
Offers live on-line workshopsXXX
Offers multiple levels of workshopsX (9)X (3)X (2)
Client customization availableX (9)X (2)
Private, client specific workshops availableX (9)X (2)
Public workshops availableXXX
Self-Paced Video availableXX


The professional negotiators at TableForce regularly “sharpen the saw”. We keep up on the latest in theory and practice by attending negotiation training workshops and reading literature – and then combine all that information with our real-world experience in negotiating and teaching to bring you the best available products in the least amount of time.

How to choose the best negotiation training for your needs

  1. Identify companies who have a long history of success. Often times people will call themselves professional negotiation trainers, but just because they’ve negotiated a deal or two doesn’t make them good at relaying or training tactics and processes.
  2. Ask the companies for references from past clients. Table force has stacks of references provided by our many repeat customers..
  3. Make sure the negotiation trainer has years of real-world experience to draw from when teaching the material and answering questions.
  4. Pick the right format for your team. In-person, virtual, or self-paced videos depending on the location of the team and level of people in the participant pool.
  5. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the negotiation training company! Many great relationships can be built through the process of negotiations conducted properly. Why wait, contact us now!