When negotiating for a new vehicle most buyers focus solely on the price and that can leave value on the table!

While price is always important, sometimes you might find a dealer unwilling to negotiate the price due to the high demand of the vehicle you want, or you are in a situation where two competing dealers are offering the same price. What next?

Look beyond price for other items of value that are important to you. For example, an extended warranty; the dealer mark-up is very high for an extended warranty and they have lots of room to negotiate. If you plan to keep the vehicle for a long time this could have very high value for you.

Another item to negotiate for is a free loaner vehicle anytime the vehicle is taken in for service of any kind. While many dealerships offer this perk, not all do, and then only when vehicles are available. So negotiate this in writing as part of the contract.

Other items to negotiate for include: free maintenance, including oil changes; free tire rotation; free detailing such as carpet and fabric protection treatment; free paint protection treatment; free petrol fill-ups or washes during servicing, etc.

Remember, what may be of high value to one side (you!) is often of lower value to the other side (the dealer!).