Advantages of Negotiation in Procurement:

With the news trumpeting daily stories about global supply chain issues, the complexity and importance of procurement in today’s economy has never been clearer. Likewise, the advantages of negotiation in procurement have never been higher.

While suppliers are often well-trained in sales and negotiation principles and techniques, negotiation training is equally important for procurement professionals. In addition to the strategic and technical skills needed to identify, source and buy goods and services, procurement professionals must know how to build and manage long-term relationships and maximize value for their organization through effective negotiation.

TableForce has years of experience negotiating high stakes purchases and offers extensive procurement negotiation training. Let our team of experts share with your team the importance–and advantages–of negotiation in procurement.

Procurement Negotiation Training

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Top 10 Advantages of Negotiation in Procurement

Procurement positions can be a difficult balancing act. You have the dual responsibility of ensuring your organization spends its money wisely while building and maintaining productive, long-term relationships with both external and internal stakeholders. The importance of negotiation in procurement in helping achieve these goals cannot be overstated.

Below are the top ten advantages of negotiation in procurement deals:

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From building relationships to understanding negotiating power to planning and tactics, your team can immediately and effectively apply our negotiation framework to all their professional interactions. The result is courageous and confident negotiators who produce win-win outcomes for your organization.