** From a person who attended a buyers focused workshop in Asia **

I worked in quality management field for ~15 years, but when it comes to purchasing, I am a beginner. Thank you very much for your kind presentation. Though I am not good at English, I understood the key points of the lesson very well because of your clear words.

I’d like to share a story with you.

After the first day of negotiation training last Thursday we went to shopping. One of us selected 3 handbags for his wife.

The merchant said: “1950RMB”

We simply said: “Do better”

The merchant then said: “1000RMB”

To which we said again: “Do better”

And the merchant again conceded: “500RMB”

At which point we said: “It is a deal” (because it was 1/3 price we would pay in Japan!)

We had so much fun and success we decided to try it again and combine it with another tactic you taught us, “Raise the Bar!”

We wanted to buy 10 DVDs for our children at another shop.

The opening price was 600RMB for 10 DVDs.

We said: “Do better”

This time, the seller conceded all the way to “80RMB”, a very attractive price.

But we decided to raise the bar more and said: “NO, do better” and turned our bodies to the door slowly.

We could not believe our success.

We got the 10 DVDs, for a total of 50RMB.

How wonderful!

When we used the phrase “do better”, we saved 74%.

When we added “Raise the Bar!”, there was 92% savings.

Price negotiation is not so common in Japanese daily life, but your class taught me it should be used more often. For my own benefit as well as my company.

Thank you again for your kind and interesting presentation.